Captured Through Time

New Cumnock’s Changing Environment.

Between 26th October 2009 and 6th November 2009 the East Ayrshire Coalfield Environment Initiative held an exhibition about New Cumnock’s changing natural landscapes at the Castle Primary School in New Cumnock.

A huge thank you to all those who contributed and helped make this project a success! Over 230 people visited, reminisced and shared their memories over the two weeks…



Captured Through Time Booklet

Captured Through Time Booklet

Captured Through Time Exhibition

Captured Through Time Exhibition











On this website you will find some of the photos and memories that were on display during the exhibition.

We initially split the project into five categories.

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People have always been fascinated with natural history



biological drawings and paintings,

wildlife photography and sporting activities have been hobbies for many generations.

Nature has been the playground for many a child growing up…

How has discovering nature changed through generations?



Sounds can bring a memories flooding back

Birds singing the dawn chorus

The gentle ripple of a river

The distant rumble of industry or even total silence

The new sounds of windpower

These sounds evoke memories of changing experiences in the outdoor world.

What sounds would you most associate with changes in New Cumnock down the years?



The natural resources of the land shape our lives and landscapes

The soil supports agriculture

The minerals support industry

The landscape affects the natural flora and fauna found locally

The changes in the landscape that occur through use of nature’s resources are evidence of our close relationship with the earth.  This is particularly true in New Cumnock.

What changes have occurred as a result of agriculture and mining and how have these changes affected the environment positively and/or negatively?



Old photos and stories hint at our changing climate

Local flooding events

Freezing lochs

Poor harvests

These all demonstrate something about our relationship to the earth.

Has the local climate changed? Are climatic events more or less severe? How has this affected the environment?



Families have there own special relationship with nature such as

The influence of mining on family life at home

The availability of local food for the family

Folk lore on herbal remedies

Wartime relationships with the land

How has the way women and children interact with nature changed?  How has life at home changed with the changes in New Cumnock’s changing environment?



Coal Environment Initiative  CEI  is a partnership of:
The Scottish Resources Group (Scottish Coal), Scottish Natural Heritage, RSPB Scotland, The Scottish Wildlife Trust, East Ayrshire Woodlands, East Ayrshire Council, ATH Resources Ltd

This project is part-financed by:
The Scottish Government, European Community and Ayrshire LEADER. Many thanks to the Scottish Coal Industry Special Welfare Fund for their support to the project.

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